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The People of London Below not detailed in Neverwhere

Character creation rules can be found in the GeneSys rules system. The following groups will only have a list of specialties and skills each which characterizes the group and gives hints for character creation; all other values should be considered normal.

The Leftovers

*These people seem to be survivors of a lost age. They wear impeccable clothes, very period - Victorian, Renaissance, Medieval and so on. There is nothing out of style with these persons.

Actually, each one of them has been trapped in mobile pockets of old time. Through their eyes, the world, even the world of Neverwhere, is exactly what they have always perceived it to be. The Victorians still live under their queen (a shadowy figure living on the far end of Queen's Way), the Renaissance people still discuss ancient philosophy, and the Roman legionnaires are still making their camp somewhere, guarding the city against the barbarians from the north.

When you go with such people, your flashlight will not work. Those older than the Victorians will not use the Underground (in fact, there is none where they go). All things not fitting in the time they live in cannot affect them in any way.

Rules: Stability is usually very high with these people. Whenever they encounter something they don't know, they make a roll against their Stability. If they succeed, the offending object disappears, malfunctions or suffers any other fitting detrimental effect. If the roll does not succeed, a Leftover looks the other way and stops noticing the object (which remains unaffected) and goes to great lengths to deny its existence.

The Flower Children

*These are a special brand of Leftovers, and they look like hippies, which in fact they are. They are sufficiently modern to be non-detrimental to the function of most contemporaneous contraptions, but in their company everything begins to be so clear! So peaceful! So colourful! If only I could concentrate on something...

Rules: Due to constant drug abuse Concentration is a virtually non-existent trait among the Flower Children (5 maximum). Intuition may be high, as may be Cunning, but their use may lead to very convoluted insights.

The Albino People

*They seem to be a certain distinct group of people wearing gray suits and dark glasses. They are very susceptible to strong lights and will avoid them whenever possible. Apart from that, they don't seem much different from the Men in Black. What they do is unknown to others. The two groups might even be antagonists.

Rules: Stamina values among these people are quite low. Bright light and heat call for rolls against Stamina which, if the rolls fail, may result in slight to heavy wounds. Perception is high but sight may easily be impaired even by little light.

The Men in Black

*Yes, they are down here as well with their smart suits and their black gloves. They may even have some hidden agenda, but what it is is not known to anybody else. They might appear to do something arcane and then are gone the next moment.

Rules: Perception and Cunning are high with these guys. Looks and Charisma will always have a threatening aspect.

The Giantesses

*These are huge, almost identical women always seen in small groups. They move in unison and seem to share one mind. They are never observed eating, but they purchase huge amounts of food - mostly side dishes. They also purchase a generous number of slaves which no-one ever sees again...

Rules: While Looks may be formidable, they have a sinister air to them. If one should be caught in a combat situation, she might prove herself to be a fierce warrior with appropriate skills. The layers of fat will also soak 2 points of damage at 90% on the whole body.

The Crouch Enders

*The Crouch Enders live in those parts of the Underground usually not accessible to other people. They have adapted to an environment which forces them to contort their bodies into unnatural positions; if there is an opening, however small, a Crouch Ender may pass through. On the other hand, the Crouch Enders suffer from a severe agoraphobia when they are not in close contact with something hard and assuring with at least three different body parts. If a Crouch Ender happens to be trapped in, say, a vault, they often end their lives crouching in the corner until they starve.

Rules: Agility is high with these people. A skill based on it called Squirming allows them to pass through any opening which might remotely allow such a feat, even if it includes dislocating limbs. With those few who have a magical aptitude for Squirming, no inhibitors exist anymore - they may fit through keyholes. Stability may be high, but any contact with rather open places calls for a roll against Stability. Derangements gained will negatively modify each roll they make subsequently until they have reached the safety of confinement again.

The Borderliners (or Halflings, Borderlanders)

These are the derelicts, the homeless, the people living on the streets of London Above. Iliaster who lead Richard Mayhew to the Rat-Speakers is one, Lear, the saxophone player, is another. These people still stick to London Above like a chewing gum to the sole of a shoe. Eventually, most of them pass over into Neverwhere, but until then they can more or less easily get into contact with London Above and its denizens, while at the same time being aware (and scared) of London Below.

Only a small number of outcasts actually belong to the borderliners, for you have to be quite far gone to connect with Neverwhere for the first time, and it's just a small step from there to go the whole way. Only a small number of borderliners may keep this fragile equilibrium on the narrow ledge between above and below for any longer period of time.

Rules: Due to their fragile status quo Leftovers will usually have low Stability ratings. They will appear mad to many on both sides of London. They may not have the skill of Dysorientation at high levels.

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