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About Nyboria

Nyboria is a non-commercial site that deals with my favourite hobby: role-playing games. It contains a lot of stuff I wrote for various games, and I will expand it whenever something new comes up. Actually some of the material contained herein was previously published on another homepage of mine but that one got scrapped when google.com took over deja.com at the beginning of 2001, so if you are having any deja vu experience, you might have seen this stuff already, although the site looks completely different.

And who are you?

You may call me Robin. I am 33 years old, male (just to save you from embarrassing pronoun mix-ups) and have been involved with role-playing games quite exactly for half my life. I live in Germany (which may account for glitches in my English) and in real-life I am married, I have a son called Silas, and I work as layout, graphics and web designer at a German company (100 brownie points for you if you find out which company that might be).

What does Nyboria mean anyway?

Well, I wanted something more original than the old Robin's Roleplaying Page. So I put my name backwards, appended a nice -ia suffix and swapped one of the i's for a y because it looked nicer on the logo.

Alright, so what do you have for me?

Glad you asked. When it comes to role-playing games, I like horror games best. So some areas of the site will deal with horror RPGs such as KULT, World of Darkness, maybe some Call of Cthulhu one day, Unknown Armies and possibly more.

Then there is my own RPG rules system GeneSys. This system was created as a tool for a literary gaming style, rules-light, easy to learn, and quick. It leaves the narrative in the hand of the Game Master while adding that little bit of randomness which gives many a story such an interesting twist. I am currently rewriting it as version 3.0.

There might be more things to come as I switch games with my groups. Who knows?

Anything else I should know?

I don't know if you care about such things, but everything on this site is of course copyrighted by myself except where stated otherwise.

I expressly allow all visitors to use the material contained herein, as far as it is copyrighted by myself, for non-commercial purposes, to print it, adapt, adopt and improve it for their gaming purposes, link to it or perform voodoo rituals on it, but if you want to copy any of that material (graphics, sound, text) for usage on your site or anywhere else, by link or physically, please ask me for permission first. I will usually grant it, but I like to know where my stuff is going.

Any material attributed to someone else cannot be copied or used in any way without permission or the original creator / owner. I provide links to artists and contributors on my Links page. Please contact them directly about their material.

The names of games, software and whatnot used herein are in many cases trademarks which I do not want to infringe upon in any way of course. If anyone feels offended by my usage of their trademarks I will remove the offending brand names from this site immediately upon notification. I doubt that anyone in the world is averse to free advertising, but then again, no role-playing game can be more wondrous than the real world.

Which brings me to my last point: in case you need to read it once again, role-playing games are not reality. It is the nature of role-playing games (especially of the horror variety) to contain subject matter which may not be suitable for minors or which may be offensive to certain individuals. I am not forcing anyone to read this or to like my material, and I expressly implore you not to let it bleed over into real life. In other words: when you're gaming, do what you want, but don't sacrifice virgins / kill defenseless people / pray to Cthulhu in a way detrimental to your sanity / or whatever nasty thing you may come up with in real life.

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