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Links to other noteworthy sites

These annotated links lead to other sites you might find interesting if you liked this one. The list will continue to grow, albeit slowly; at the moment I believe you can tell where my heart lies ;-) In many cases the sites listed here will link to further sites worth a visit.

I would like this list to be of as much use as possible, therefore only sites which actually offer something substantial will be listed. I'm always willing to list noteworthy sites you might own or know of if you feel they are worth the trouble. Please report bad links or suggestions by e-mail.

It should go without saying but it doesn't, and German law requires me to make it clear: I am in no way affiliated with these sites and their content is not mine nor do I have any control over it. In other words, I cannot be made responsible for the content of the sites linked to below.


Please visit the following sites. The owners were so kind to permit the use of some of their images on this site; without them you would have to put up with only my dabbling attempts to illustrate the texts.

Ronin Illustrator
Ronin Illustrator

This great site offers you a fine introduction into the works of Christopher Shy, an artist who is probably best known for his work on various recent White Wolf titles. You can purchase prints on the site.

...and while you're at it, make sure you also see Studio Ronin with yet more art by Christopher Shy and a number of other artists.

Goomi Studio
Goomi Net Gallery

This site is a gallery of French artist Francois Launet who worked on the French editions of Kult, Call of Cthulhu and a number of other interesting projects. You can download free wallpapers for your desktop and some design material for websites. You can also purchase T-Shirts with artwork here.

KULT sites
The KULT Webring

A new and (hopefully) quickly expanding webring to find & bind homepages with material for KULT.

The Abyss
The Abyss

This site kept KULT going when it wasn't supported by any company anywhere. There are a number of fine sourcebooks and other material here, the best I've ever seen for any RPG on the net.

KULT - You Will Never Be Free
KULT - You Will Never Be Free

This site by Jason Just has more interesting material on KULT; Jason is also the designer of the Abyss, above. And while you're there, make sure you visit Jason's art and dark music site symbolique.net as well.


bitterreign.com is a portal for dark horror games; KULT is the best known of those, but Unknown Armies, SLA Industries, Little Fears, All Flesh Must Be Eaten and a couple others are also supported. Furthermore you can make a difference, too: Bitterreign is created by fans for fans and you can join in and help build it up.

Prison of Flesh
Prison of Flesh discussion forum

This is another discussion forum for KULT and other dark horror RPGs.

Baron Samedi: The Chamber of Lies

The Chamber of Lies is a site collecting some unique self-written background material by Baron Samedi and many zipped KULT adventures in various languages gleaned off the net.

Erik Growen's KULT Archive

Erik's archive lists a lot of information from otherwise hard-to-find sourcebooks and other material for KULT.

Tales from a Neon City

Tales from a Neon City, despite the un-KULTish title, collects a number of unique net sourcebooks for KULT.

Tipareth's World
Tipareth's World

This site, partly in German, partly bilingual German / English, collects alternative rules and further material for KULT.

SLA Industries

At the moment I am creating material for one of my roleplaying groups using the SLA Industries setting. This material will be posted when it is finished, but these sites already have a lot to work with:

Nightfall Games

The publishers of SLA Industries.


D-Notice collects a number of very good texts about various facets of the World of Progress.

SLA Industries Net

A portal and forum based on the same system as Bitterreign above, but concentrating on SLA Industries. Another portal which you can help to expand.

Station Analysis

This is the mailing list to join, if you want to learn more about SLA Industries. Surprisingly active, can be read as individual e-mail, digest mode or on-line.

Station Analysis FAQ

The FAQ for Station Analysis and also a concise collection of basic info about SLA Industries (including half of the ominous 'Truth').

Unknown Armies Sites
Atlas Games

The publishers of Unknown Armies have some useful and free material on their site.

Unknown Armies.com
Unknown Armies.com

This site collects a wealth of fan-written material for Unknown Armies including contributions of the original authors and freelancers themselves.

Unknown Armies mailing list

This quite active mailing list, while dealing mostly with UA topics (of course) is a repository of weird information which has spawned many a scenario for other games of mine as well. It is also a very civil and sophisticated group.

Memento Mori

While Memento Mori is not strictly a UA site only it contains a lot of interesting material. The original focus of the site, roleplaying games written by the author of the site himself, is also worth a visit all by itself.

World of Darkness Sites
White Wolf

White Wolf are the publishers of the World of Darkness games. This site has some old out-of-print sourcebooks for free download which should be interesting.

B.J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness

B.J. Zanzibar's site is a vast collection of fan-written material for all World of Darkness games up to Hunter; sadly the site hasn't been updated yet in this millennium, but as long as it exists check it out - there's something here for everyone.

Call of Cthulhu Sites

For the moment the site of Chaosium is the only link for CoC here; when any of my groups decide to return to this classic however this is bound to change.

If you want to link back to my site, feel free to use these images:

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