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Neverwhere: A Role-playing Setting

These pages contain information distilled from Neil Gaiman's wonderful novel Neverwhere. You can use this information to set role-playing games in London Below. I made quite sure that I included every bit of setting-relevant information, but you should read the book anyway. It's fun! I also expanded slightly on things that Neil Gaiman mentions but does not develop in the book.

The information contained herein was published on my old website but I had thought it lost when the site was deleted as I had no backup files due to an earlier computer crash. I want to thank Jack Kessler who sent me his copies of the material, making this re-issue possible.


A short overview of the setting to give you an idea of it if you haven't read the book or seen the show yet (shame on you!).

Things to consider

Some thoughts on various facets of playing Neverwhere

London Below

A description of locations you will find on the Underside.

Places not detailed in the novel

Some information on places only hinted at in the novel.

The People of London Below

A summary of groups which you may encounter on the Underside.

People not detailed in the novel

A short summary of groups only mentioned but not described in the novel.

The Magic of Neverwhere

A description of a magic system for Neverwhere.


Neverwhere was developed by Neil Gaiman, one of my favourite authors. He wrote a novel of that name and the script for a TV series both of which I can only recommend; he is also the author of several acclaimed comic books, first and foremost the Sandman series.
The information contained in these pages is in no way meant to infringe on Mr. Gaiman's or other parties' copyrights. Commercial use of the contents of this site is prohibited. There is no revenue generated from this material; it is collected by a fan for fans. If the owners of any copyrights feel offended by this material, I will remove it promptly when notified.

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