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Discipline: Wayfaring

The unique discipline of the Order of St. Dumas
* Path of the Nimble Foot

This level gives a Dumas the ability to discern the quickest route to any known location. This also gives mystical insight about traps, enemies or other obstacles along the way.

System: Roll Perception + Stealth against a base difficulty of 7, adjustable by whatever successes were scored when laying the traps etc. Except in the case of a botch, the quickest path is always correctly surmised, but successes are needed to get clear information about obstacles. Five or more successes give accurate and detailed insights.

** Cat's Leap

This level allows for fantastic leaps and graceful falls.

System: For each level in Wayfaring 10m of leaping or falling are manageable without roll, if more is needed then a roll against Strength + Athletics against a difficulty of 8 yields 5 more meters per success.

*** Walking on Air

While this ability does not, as the name implies, allow for walking on actual air, it does give the wielder the ability to walk on any more or less horizontal surface such as water, twigs etc. The Dumas has to be able to walk onto the surface, this level does not modify activities such as climbing.

System: No roll is necessary, but the expenditure of a blood point is. Duration is for one scene.

**** The Spider's Tread

This level gives the wielder the ability to climb and crawl along any surface, even under the ceiling of a room without any foothold.

System: No roll is necessary, but the expenditure of a blood point is. Duration is for one scene.

***** The Soaring Falcon

This level gives the wielder the ability to soar on the air. Flight is possible only on the basis of thermic updraft, so while steering is possible, actual flying is not.

System: A blood point must be expended, no roll is necessary, Duration is one scene.

***** * Way of the Water

This level allows passing where water may: narrow cracks, small holes, porous stone etc. The wielder seems to trickle through the opening (upwards or sideways is allowed as well) and reforms immediately at the first opportunity on the other side.

System: No roll is needed, but the expenditure of 3 blood points is.

***** ** Leap of Thought

This level allows a kind of teleport to a place which is either known to the Cainite or in direct line of sight. 'Known' in this case means that the Cainite should have seen the place recently, having heard about it is not sufficient. The Cainite decides exactly where to teleport, so if someone has put anything on that same spot meanwhile, the Cainite and the object share the same space, which will in all probability lead to a severe loss of blood points and could count as catastrophic damage.

System: Roll Perception (if location is in line of sight) or Wits (if location is remembered) + Alertness, difficulty 7 or higher, and spend one blood point. One success is sufficient to teleport, but the Storyteller should feel free to call for more successes if the distance covered seems disproportionally far. No number of successes will cancel the effects of materializing inside objects or people, so this level should be used with caution.

If there are any further levels of Wayfaring they are known only to Domasius himself, and he cannot be bothered to teach them.

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