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Nyboria: The SLA Industries Page

Image: 'Tanith Cayne - Brain Waster Operative' - (c) 2002 by Robin Pfeifer

Tanith Cayne, Brain Waster Operative
(c) 2002 by Robin Pfeifer

The material collected here is the basis for my first campaign set in the gritty dark future world of SLA Industries. I post it here so you can use parts or all of it for your own campaigns.

The campaign doesn't follow the traditional approach making all PCs SLA operatives; instead the PCs are member of a gang based in a relatively well-to-do sector in Eastern DownTown just outside the Perimeter Wall. This version of Mort is based loosely on Eldritch's version to be found at D-Notice.

Campaign Premise

The background information which is the basis for the campaign; off-limits to my players (you know who you are).

Eastern Terminal Sector

Information on the main area and locations therein which may be pertinent to the campaign.


"SLA Industries and all characters, settings, images and other intellectual properties pertaining thereto are 1993-2000 Nightfall Games Limited, and are used without permission. No challenge to those copyrights is intended or implied."

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