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Ancient Mesopotamia by Night: A sourcebook for Vampire

The material collected here can be used as a backdrop for campaigns set in ancient history (which was the original intention), or as source material for Dark Ages or modern day campaigns focussing on the Book of Nod.

There are three types of material here:

  • In-character material attributed to a certain Brother Sibelius of the Mnemosyne, a modern-day scholar who may not yet have entirely grasped the implications of his findings; his theories as offered may be all wrong or partly, even completely correct as you see fit.
  • The text of five clay tablets which have been obtained by the order of the Mnemosyne; these are supposed to be genuine articles, but they are partly in opposition to Brother Sibelius' theories as well as each other. They are all based on actual Mesopotamian clay tablets and the mythology presented therein (translations will be available at your local library) as well as the Book of Nod as published by White Wolf and some other sources. They are also written in the style of Mesopotamian poetry with its penchant for additive repetition. You can use them as player handouts, as a whole, as individual tablets or only as excerpts thereof, and their truth of course is at your discretion.
  • Texts on the setting, Mesopotamian magic and beliefs are based on scientific works on ancient history, and slanted towards an interpretation within the context of the World of Darkness. Finally, the bloodline of Inanna and its discipline are presented in the usual format.
Gods of the Cities

This in-character text describes the findings of Brother Sibelius of the Mnemosyne who met Marduk, god of Babylon, in Baghdad in the wake of Operation Desert Storm.

When we were Gods

Another in-character text by brother Sibelius, detailing the role the Kindred played in what was to become Babylonian mythology.

The Book of Nod: The Babylonian Cuneiform Tablets

Five cuneiform tablets handed over to the Mnemosyne by an unknown stranger, possibly the oldest fragment of the Book of Nod.

Bloodline: Inanna

A bloodline of seductive priestesses mystically connected with each other; includes their unique discipline One-Mind.

Roleplaying in Babylonia 1700 BCE

Useful WoD-related setting information about Babylon and Mesopotamia at the time of Hammurabi's reign.

The Magic of Babylon

Information about the magical beliefs of the Mesopotamian world.

The Babylonian Underworld

A description of the dreary afterlife which the ancient Babylonians has much reason to believe in.

An Ancient Mesopotamian Onomastikon

A list of names from the Sumerian, Babylonian, and Assyrian periods as found in clay tablets and other sources.

A word of caution

It should go without saying, but this is a setting for a role-playing game. This is not a scholarly work on ancient Mesopotamia, and although a lot of research has gone into this, it is still a work of fiction.

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