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Moloch: the Soundtrack

These MP3 files have been created using software and samples which are at least licensed for free non-commercial usage. No copyright infringements have taken place.

Image: 'Moloch' - (c) 2002 by Robin Pfeifer. Klick for larger version.

(c) 2002 by Robin Pfeifer

The Moloch

Theme music of an aeon old evil that lurks in the depths. (4.5 MB)

Maschinenstadt / Machine City

A piece inspired by the area of Metropolis closest to the Moloch. (3.7 MB)

Sklavenmarkt / Slave Market

Beware, searcher for truth: they hunt you down and you will be sold to the highest bidder. (3.6 MB)

Gaia's Embrace

A journey into the depths of Gaia's wilderness (4.2 MB).

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