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Nyboria: The KULT Page

This page contains various pieces on KULT that I wrote for my campaigns.

image (c) by Francois Launet

(c) 1996 by Francois Launet
Goomi Studio

The Moloch

The Moloch is a setting sourcebook for Kult, depicting the German Ruhr area in my Kultiverse. This sourcebook contains some background information as well as a complete detailed campaign log which can be a basis for your own scenarios.


The Ephemerides are the 'moral majority' on earth - possibly the most devious safe-guarding device of the Illusion.

The Elysium

A description of the Elysium - the empty paradise of the Demiurge.

A History Lesson

A description of German history under the influence of the Archons and Death Angels.

Red Tape Horror

The gruesome truth about what bureaucracy really is.

The Book of Walls

A sourcebook about the KULT cosmology including further insights on the nature of the Illusion and Reality.

KULT Soundtrack

Some MP3 files inspired by KULT material and the upcoming Moloch sourcebook.

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