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The Book of Walls: Introduction

The Book of Walls contains an in-depth look at the metaphysics of the Illusion and their counterpart in Reality as they pertain to the cosmology of the role-playing game KULT. As a disclaimer, the following text is in no way meant to be a philosophical system for the real world (as opposed to the game setting) and should not be read as such.

This sourcebook is not intended to be a collection of what player characters know. There should not even be non-player characters (apart from the Demiurge and some other Awakened) with such knowledge. Instead, this text is supposed to give game masters of KULT a concise philosophical approach to the KULT cosmology for the preparation of their own scenarios and plots. Therefore the sourcebook is not written in-character and does not contain any in-character sequences.

Terms like Illusion and Reality, when capitalized, refer to the terms as used in KULT.

The complete text of the Book of Walls is also available as a zipped RTF file.

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