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The Book of Walls: Dreams

Dreams are more than just figments of our sleeping minds. They may contain traces of memories of the soul, harking back to the time before the imprisonment. They may be sources of immense power. They are always expressions of our Real nature, and as such they may, if a certain magical control is exercised, be considered real worlds - no less real than the Illusion. The Illusion itself might have started out as a dream the Demiurge had.

Within the Illusion nightly dreams are said to be a means of our subconscious to deal with the experiences of the day. Their value is recognized, but still underestimated. In dreams we can open our eyes to Reality. In dreams we may return to a state of omnipotence - but knowledge and training are needed to achieve any control over our dreams.

The Illusion warps our dreams - instead of our dreams being our playground and our empire dreams engulf us and make us their powerless slaves. It doesn't matter if your dreams are nightmares or blissful fantasies; without control you remain their slave. Dreams thus mimic the Illusion: as in the Illusion our dreams seem to have their own rules which we usually cannot break. Once again the Demiurge has taken something from us and turned it against us.

The dreams of Awakened beings, even of only partly Awakened beings, hold power. Dreams can connect to Reality and to the Illusion and influence them. Dreams and passions are of a similar nature: maybe passions even start as dreams which become manifest in the actions and the person of the dreamer.

Dreams are more than just the often weird mind-movies we experience at night. The art of dreaming also encompasses daydreams, fantasies, the imagination, and creativity - all things which the Illusion often makes us label as 'idle'. In the end these manifestations of dreams have little power within the Illusion, but outside of it, in Reality, they do make a difference. Time and space, events and encounters, your very nature will depend on your dreams. Your nightmares and fearful fantasies forge your purgatory; likewise, you can manifest a dream realm in the continuum of Reality which is totally under your control, and which is an extension of yourself much as the citadels of the Archons are extensions, maybe even the real corporeal form of their owners.

Dreams within the Illusion also serve to taunt us. Whatever glimpses of our true nature or of Reality we have within our dreams, we are forced to forget them at awakening. There often is a moment of clarity after we awake, in which we seem to remember what we have just dreamt, and in which it actually makes sense, more sense even than any other aspect of our existence - but this feeling fades quickly and what remains are the shattered and useless fragments of jumbled scenes that we cannot make head or tail of.

Dream realms can be another pitfall on the road to Awakening. As ruler of such an empire at your beck and call you may lose sight of your goal and catch yourself in an Illusion of your own making. Only by merging your dream with Reality can you transcend the Illusion completely.

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