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The Book of Walls: Conclusion

The jail which is the Illusion has five walls; let its symbol be the pentagon. The five walls must be projected outward, must be made extensions of ourselves in order to reconcile us with Reality; let the symbol of Reality therefore be the pentagram which includes the pentagon of the Illusion and the outward pointing forces of death, dreams, passions, madness and the dimensions.

In order to truly Awaken one must study all five paths of magic, at least in theory; only when mastership of all five paths is regained can we realize the nature of Reality, and by that the nature of ourselves. Each path, if studied alone, serves only to catch you in an Illusion of your own design.

I hope that this text gave you something useful for your KULT campaigns. If you have any suggestions for improvement or any other comments, feel free to email me.

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