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The Moloch: a setting sourcebook for KULT

The Moloch is a setting for KULT. While most published scenarios and sourcebooks and those available on the Internet present the world beyond the Illusion, this sourcebook describes an area within the Illusion which can be used as the setting for any number of KULT scenarios.
The Moloch is a large city sprawl - more specifically, this sourcebook describes the German Ruhr area in the KULT universe, an industrial area which consists of a number of cities which have grown together around a common industrial endeavour to form a single large city. The Moloch is a living city, complete with infrastructure and various factions who may or may not know of each other, both human and supernatural. And even if you are not interested in setting your games in Germany you will still be able to find a plethora of ideas for adaptation into your own campaign settings. KULT is an inherently urban game - the Moloch is a setting which is able to house most of the typical scenarios.
This is a work in continual progress. Whenever I return to playing KULT new material may be added.

Image: 'Moloch' - (c) 2002 by Robin Pfeifer. Klick for larger version.

(c) 2002 by Robin Pfeifer

Theme and Mood: Describing the Moloch

This section gives prospective GMs who want to use the Moloch a couple of ideas on how to streamline the description of their Moloch campaigns.

The Lurker Beneath

This section describes the Moloch itself as it lurks in the depths underneath the city which bears its name.

A campaign journal

This is a condensed narration depicting a complete campaign set in the Moloch (and beyond).

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