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The Moloch: a setting sourcebook for KULT

Hunted: A Campaign Journal

The following 19 pages detail a full KULT campaign set in the Moloch as it has been played by my group.

A word of caution

Some of the material found in this journal is very heavy stuff, not suited for the faint of heart. KULT is a game of horror, and this campaign shows that. There are some very graphic descriptions in there, so be warned.

Chapter 1: A Murder at Your Door
Chapter 2: Strange People, Stranger Events
Chapter 3: Meeting the Professor
Chapter 4: News and Another Visit
Chapter 5: Piercing the Veil
Chapter 6: Reunion
Chapter 7: A Letter from Daddy
Chapter 8: Seeing the Ugly Truth
Chapter 9: Not a Holiday Camp
Chapter 10: Getting Away With Murder
Chapter 11: A Girl has Disappeared
Chapter 12: An Angel in Charge
Chapter 13: Into the Citadel
Chapter 14: The Nameless Bride
Chapter 15: Reset
Chapter 16: A Nepharite is Born
Chapter 17: Second Chances
Chapter 18: Into Metropolis
Chapter 19: Downward Bound
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