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Image: 'Deep One 1' - (c) 2001 by Robin Pfeifer

Deep One 1
(c) 2001 by Robin Pfeifer

Welcome to Nyboria

This website collects material I have created for my primary hobby: roleplaying games of the darker variety. At the moment there is material available for the following game systems:


This is quite possibly the darkest modern-day roleplaying game ever. Humans are divine beings exiled to the illusion we call the world by a jealous god. Is there any hope for salvation now that this god has disappeared?

World of Darkness

White Wolf's products are probably the most famous modern-day horror RPG series and the first to outspokenly bring the narrative arts into the hobby. Delve into the dark side and become the monster you fear.

Unknown Armies

This game of postmodern magick is open for almost anything. Reality is a lot weirder than you might expect. Be a dabbler in the occult, a serious worker of magick or even a being of almost godlike status. But never believe you know it all.

SLA Industries

A dark future role-playing game set in the World of Progress. The material collected here is the basis for my current campaign, my first contact with this game.


This is a role-playing setting based on Neil Gaiman's outstanding novel Neverwhere. It uses the forthcoming GeneSys rules system.

Thank you for visiting and have fun!
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